Tabitha Hawk

Co-founder of T.O.P.S.  I do computer repair as my day job. I like to travel and enjoy storm chasing, the paranormal and photography.  I grew up in Northwest Ohio and moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. 

I saw my first ghost in 6th grade and it terrified me but at the same time made me curious and ever since then I’ve been a believer and yet skeptical at the same. I enjoy watching horror movies and paranormal shows. 

Rachael Brady

Co-founder of T.O.P.S. Grew up in a household of seekers, believers and skeptics. I believe you need all 3 to approach the paranormal. The paranormal interested me at a young age from the exposure of Unsolved Mysteries, Twilight Zone, horror movies, made for tv documentaries and the X-Files.

Grew up in Northwest Ohio with my friend Tabitha. Everyone has a story to tell. Was a member of the LAURA UFO group. I’m a skeptic but John P. Timmerman inspired me to listen and not judge. There are similar stories of people’s experiences all over the world, so we should listen


Doug Robinson

Matt Fieldler